Monday, March 23, 2009

Hamer Monaco Elite "TV" 2005

Click on photos to enlarge.
This is a custom guitar that the Hamer folks built for me in 2005. It has a nice heavy solid Mahogany body, with a "matte" TV finish. One volume knob, and one tone to keep it simple. Also there is a 5 position rotary-style pickup selector. You'll notice 3 TV Jones pickups to add a vintage Gretch-like tone and continue the TV theme. And furthurmore I play this guitar on No Doubt's upcoming TV appearance on the Gossip Girl spinoff, airing on May 11th on the CW television network. For that performance I also customized the look of this guitar with stripes fashioned from black electrical tape.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Week Two

Above you see the Vector headstock being sanded. Click on the photos for big ones.
And here above you see a Hamer craftsman gluing the two halves of the Vector body together. I know the order of these posts are mixed up somewhat, that should work itself out in the coming weeks.
This is the body of the Special cut out, routed and showing off its fine Korina grain. Looking very nice indeed.