Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Flying V Trick

I do this almost every night at the end of the show. It works with either of my two Hamer Vectors that are out here on tour with me. I am always amazed that they have such incredible balance. I wonder if Ted McCarty knew about this when he came up with the shape back in the 1950's?
FYI the strap is a normal nylon one from Seymour Duncan. No structure in it at all. The guitar is balancing only on it's two points.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Jol Dantzig

Jol and some of the good Hamer folks came out to our recent show in Connecticut. We filmed a video interview that will appear at soon, and Jol and I traded some licks on stage at soundcheck as well. Good times.

Korina Standard!

Here's an old favorite that I've been working out for two encore songs the past week or so out here. My Hamer Korina Standard, circa 1997 I think. New pickups for this year, Duncan 59's with gold covers, to make a more vintage look. This guitar feels so well balanced and comfortable. I just love it like a comfy old pair of sneakers. Thanks to my long-time tech and friend, Donnie Spada, for convincing me not to leave it at home :) Click on the photos to super-size.